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in the woods

Presentation: 20 points


Females Creative Gown/Males Creative Formalwear

We are looking for you to think outside of the box. Creativity, Fit and Overall Appearance are very important. Regular Evening Gown and Formal Wear Rules Are Out The Window. GET CREATIVE!!! You may use your own music for Presentation. Presentation CDs must be labeled as "Presentation" with your name and must be track number one. Presentation CD must be turned in at the contestant meeting. Remember:



Overall Appearance


(2 min setup time for props and 1 min break down time; ALL props MUST be removed from building directly after presentation)




Talent:  20 points


Each contestant should entertain the judges and the audience. Judges are evaluating the quality of lip sync/live vocal, dance ability or other entertainment methods. Execution and appeal are most important. Costuming, dancers and/or talent extras are part of the judging. Talent cannot be longer than 5 minutes. Talent CDs must be labeled as "Talent" with name and must be track number one.  Talent CD must be turned in at the contestant meeting.  Extras in your talent will cost $35.00 each and money will be collected at the contestant meeting.

Overall Appearance (including costuming, props, and talent extras)

Lip Sync/Live Vocal

Entertainment Value

Stage Presence


(2 min setup time for props and 1 min break down time; ALL props MUST be removed from building directly after talent)




Formal Wear/Evening Gown: 20 points 


This should be a statement of the contestant’s style and taste.

Female's gown must be full length and one piece; hair & make-up should compliment.

Male’s formal wear should fit and shoes not scuffed.

Overall Appearance

Hair and Make-up






Question & Answer: 20 points


Scoring based on personality, poise and ability to communicate on a microphone in front of an audience. How you convey your response to the judges is important, but context of the answer is most important. We are seeking honest thoughtful answers not pageant cliché.  Remember there is no right or wrong response.

Content of Answer

Ability to Communicate




Pageant Date:  September 25, 2021


Contestant Meeting:  10:00 AM Diversity Richmond, 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, VA, 23220



Any questions or concerns please contact: Tomaris Ova (Pageant Director) atTomaris Ova on Facebook,


Entry Fee for Duke & Duchess of Nationz is $100.00 due by September 15, 2021 and $175.00 after deadline. 


Mail Entry Fees in form of Money Order or Cashier’s check to
Nationz Foundation
4794 Finlay Street, Ste1., Henrico, VA 23231

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